Carrus Automotive

The name Carrus Automotive originates from the early 1970's when Michael Wager and a group of friends formed a team to compete in local motor sport events. Together they built and prepared their vehicles under the name of Carrus Automotive and raced as Team Carrus. One of the group Larry Bearder also opened a vehicle accessory shop called Carrus Auto Accessory Centre. Time and other commitments eventually led to the team disbanding and the name falling into disuse.

When the friends were looking for a name to call their team they wanted something that had relevance to what they were competing in which was four wheeled motor sport. The word Carrus was chosen because it is a Latin word for a four wheeled chariot and so perfect for the job.

Over thirty years later when Michael Wager was thinking of a name for his new business venture the name Carrus was again considered the perfect choice and Carrus Automotive Limited was born.


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